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You Were Born to Shine

I’m coming off of a hard spell, a place I was pulled out of thanks in part to cheery pop music.

Positivity is important. Affirmation is essential. Surrounding myself with the things I make makes me feel good.

I decided to make myself positive images to hang around my work station- reminders to shine and create, rainbows, photos of my favorite people.

It took a while to get up again, but these efforts definitely helped.

I’m sharing the reason behind this freebie because that’s what I do, and just because the reason I made it isn’t super cheerful doesn’t mean I shouldn’t tell you. We’re all susceptible to bad times, and admitting that I’m prone to them helps me remember to do what I can to ward them off, or at least make them less intense when they come on.

For each of you who is struggling with something right now, I’m 100% with you. Try to remember who you are, and let you shine, shine, shine!