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You Were Born to Shine

I’m coming off of a hard spell, a place I was pulled out of thanks in part to cheery pop music.

Positivity is important. Affirmation is essential. Surrounding myself with the things I make makes me feel good.

I decided to make myself positive images to hang around my work station- reminders to shine and create, rainbows, photos of my favorite people.

It took a while to get up again, but these efforts definitely helped.

I’m sharing the reason behind this freebie because that’s what I do, and just because the reason I made it isn’t super cheerful doesn’t mean I shouldn’t tell you. We’re all susceptible to bad times, and admitting that I’m prone to them helps me remember to do what I can to ward them off, or at least make them less intense when they come on.

For each of you who is struggling with something right now, I’m 100% with you. Try to remember who you are, and let you shine, shine, shine!



One response to “You Were Born to Shine”

  1. Carol says:

    Sorry that you’ve been through a rough spell. I think we don’t publicly acknowledge those often enough and end up thinking we’re the only ones. We need to admit more vs less that things get rough at times. Thank you for sharing along with the great freebie. Be well!