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Witching Out

Are you guys totally witching out yet?

Since I started designing on my Surface Pro* I’ve been trying my best to learn digital calligraphy. I studied calligraphy for a time when I was a kid (around 7th grade) and really enjoyed it. Digital is different, but it’s also fun. I’m staying simple for now, trying to improve my pen control (I use the official Surface Pen* from Microsoft).

I know I have a long way to go still, but I love creating one-of-a-kind graphics that I can share with you! I kind of like the imperfections of such a personal touch. I’ve always worked as a point-editor, it’s pretty cool to do something more freely and still have it come up in vector. I never was very well versed with my Wacom sets to be perfectly frank. I tried, but I just didn’t have the touch.

I hope you guys enjoy our newest cuttables <3 There are more on the way, so please check back regularly!

Files at are free for your personal use. If you would like to use them in products you sell, please purchase a license at EchoiaDesign on Etsy. You can go directly to this file at Witching Out.


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