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Welcome Winter Wreath

Today’s freebie is a recent favorite of mine.

Getting up each morning in the cold is difficult, I won’t pretend it isn’t. But I still LOVE winter. I can’t help it- I guess I kind of love all of the seasons. And all of the terrains. Give me all the things!

This was designed, as is almost everything these days, on my Microsoft Surface Pro* with my Surface Pen*. I know that I mention them frequently, but what can I say? I’m a tech girl- up to a point, anyway. My first question with any computer for a long time has been, ‘Where’s Illustrator?’ Because of this I’ve always been a desktop girl. More power for the money- but Surface has changed that. Being able to interact with my designs in so many different ways, touching the screen directly with my finger tips, grabbing my Surface Pen*, using a traditional mouse etc. has finally given me what I need to make the things I see inside my head. Not to mention the versatility of angles and how comfy it is to lounge with.

It allows for more expression in my designs, and I feel more connected to them. Rather than creating a brush for a design like this, I drew each individual leaf in no time. Not that there’s a dang thing wrong with using brushes- they also become more powerful when unleashed by Surface.

If you need this file in other formats, or want to sell what you make with it, you can find it at EchoiaDesign on Etsy. If you’re using it only for your own home and personal use, the free download is below <3