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Vampires Bite

Does your girl know how to state the obvious or what?

Hey, Silhouetters!  It’s Echo, back again with another new Halloween creation.

As a kid and throughout my teens, vampires were my favorite scary movie characters. Always so mysterious, often fighting vampire urges at war with their conscience, seeds of humanity showing up again and again.

I dressed up as vampires on Halloween, made up vampire stories and was duped one year into believing my uncle’s best friend had been turned into one. I was like, four, okay?

This design, however, isn’t intended to inspire fear, I just really wanted to incorporate bat wings into some lettering!

The ‘t’ in BITE is supposed to represent a vampire tooth, with the ‘p’ in Vampire vaguely reminiscent of a wooden stake. Admittedly not a particularly sharp one, but that was sometimes one of my favorite parts of the ‘Buffy’ series- she was so strong she could plunge a dull piece of wood into a vampire’s heart, dusting the blood sucker <3

That was another pretty big fixation of mine for quite a while there. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Of course, as usual, I was way behind and only started watching in the sixth season, so I had to cut myself off, go back and watch from the beginning through to the end. I must have watched the whole show all the way through at least 3 times, many episodes more than that.

Buffy fan or not, I hope you enjoy this whimsical freebie. Thanks for coming by! I’ll see you again soon (I promise!).

Oh, and speaking of Buffy! Happy birthday to my very own Angel <3

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