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Valentine’s Hershey Kiss Boxes

Do you know what today is?

Are you excited?

You should be. I know I am.

You still don’t know? It’s Silhouette Sunday!

This week I’m sharing a free cut file of one of my favorite projects to date.

I wanted to do something special for my sweet son’s adorable Kindergarten class. I wanted something that would make each child feel special but that wouldn’t break the bank.

For $2 worth of Hershey’s Kisses, 5 sheets of 65lb cardstock and pennies in ink I came up with these adorable, personalizable gable boxes that I designed from bottom to top all on my own specifically for Hershey’s Kisses.

I am very pleased with these.

So here’s the deal. The graphics themselves are not vector. Only the cut lines are scalable- so you can use this to cut out from any size paper you can cut. The free download will let you make the boxes in this size, in these four colors. These are exclusively distributed for personal use, so that you can make your special someones, and their special someones, Valentines.

You cannot use them to promote your business in any way.

If you need them for commercial use, or if you would like to scale up the cut and make bigger boxes, you can download the transparent .png files from Echoia Design on Etsy.

But, Echo, how do we use it?

The download available here is ready to go. It has each color of box, lined up with the cuts. You will print, with registration marks enabled, then send it through your Silhouette for a cut. It is set up to cut 4, one of each color, from a piece of paper 11″x8.5″. You can add names to the blank space under the ‘storefront window’, just make sure that your cut marks are turned OFF on those names! That would be a typical Echoey mistake if ever there was one ; )


This cut makes use of Score Lines. These cuts do not go all the way through your page but simply mark folds, and make the folding easier. After your Silhouette machine cuts out the edges of the boxes, it will pause. You will remove your blade from the machine, back it down to a 1-2 (depending on your material and blade sharpness) and then continue. Do not unload your mat until after this second set of cuts is complete!

You will fold along all score lines (carefully, these are tiny, delicate boxes!), then attach the back to the side by overlapping and either taping or gluing shut. Fold the bottom by folding in the flap under front, both sides, then the back will side under the front.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Facebook or Twitter. I am always willing to help with my files, or any other files, in any way I can as long as I can.

Good luck, and happy cutting!


These files are provided for personal use only and are not to be redistributed without express  permission from Echo S., &