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Trick or Treat

Can you believe I’ve been working on this for two years? Should I be embarrassed of that?

I’m glad that it’s finished, but not in a ‘Got it off my shoulders’ kind of way! I’m glad that I didn’t rush myself and made the final visits to the process only when I was 100% ready to get it where I wanted it to go.

A little personal background on this file, I love to include candy corn in my designs because I remember when my mom first introduced me to it. Visually it was not the most appealing to me. I had avoided it until I was 11 or 12, then one day she told me that she really liked it. My mom did not eat much candy (candy corn included), but I gave it a try on her recommendation and was pleasantly surprised. I think my favorite thing about it, though, was the way it broke off in pieces by color with a little pressure. It’s often these little unique traits foods that endear them to me for some reason. Also, illustrated candy corn is way cuter than the real stuff!

If you need commercial licensing or additional file formats for this Trick or Treat design, please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy!

P.S. If you missed last year’s Trick or Treat, Silhouette Cameo Freebies doesn’t discriminate against latecomers <3