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Too Darn Cute

Welcome back, my freebie friends!

I hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day weekend. Mine was mostly low-key.

Aside from Christmas, I think Silhouette sees the biggest new users hike post Mother’s Day. With that in the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but make our first freebie back after the holiday a cute little, hand-lettered, baby-inspired cuttable design. Right?

I envision this on sweet round baby tummies, chubby legs poking out of a little button-bottom onesie.

Or on sweet-as-pie toddlers, hair up in pig tails, really just living their best too-darn-cute life ; )

Whether this was your first Mother’s Day, or your first Mother’s Day as a Silhouetter, or any other Mother’s Day for you, Happy Mother’s day <3

The Studio file below is free for your personal use. If you’ll be using this design in any commercial manner (including ‘charging for your time’) you’ll need to purchase a license from EchoiaDesign on Etsy.