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Tinsel Tamer

Hey, Silhouetters!

This week we’re calling all professional cheer spreaders! Holidays can be hectic, but among us walk a few brave souls who have just the touch to get the tinsel untangled- those we call the Tinsel Tamers.

I LOVE Christmas. I don’t hide it away, I don’t pretend I don’t think it’s just the best. I’m so proud of it I’ve been counting the weeks until I can put my ‘Thanksgiving Tree’ up since I put away my ‘Christmas Tree’ back in February (or somewhere around there).

Full disclosure, I don’t normally look forward to putting up the tree quite as much as this year 💕 For many years now I’ve been after the ‘perfect’ tree. I’m always disappointed with ours, and I had kind of given up.  But finally, when stores were trying to be very done with leftover decorations, I found the mother lode. Rather than spending $450 on a new tree, I found beautiful tree picks marked down to 10% of the original price. A whole barrel of them. They were unmarked, and not in the holiday décor area. Sooo… I brought home somewhere around 50! Most of them were the same with a few different ones thrown in for variety.

I know it seems silly to some, but I just can’t contain my excitement over having the ‘perfect’ tree this year- finally! And the best part is that I am a true bargain-lover, so putting $250 worth of picks onto my $100 tree and knowing that I got it all for about $75 is the real thrill 😂

That brings us back around to today’s freebie! If you or someone you know is all about that no-pine-needle-out-of-place life, this is just the design for you.

Happy Holidays, my lovely friends <3

Tinsel Tamer is available below for Silhouette Studio- and it’s totally free for personal projects! If you need other formats, or to use it in commercial products, please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy for licensing.