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Sunny Bee

Today is a bright, beautiful and inspiring day in Salt Lake!

Now, I’m not even that ‘type’- just as I love mountains, forests, jungles and plains I also love cloudy days, sunny days, rainy days and windy days.

But this is still a good one! No forecast for showers, not too hot (low 60s!), bright and sunny.

This sweet sentiment is for the me I want to be. Break out of the Winter haze that maybe lasted a wee bit too long this year, and buzz busily like a sunny little bee.

Also I want to make shirts out of this for my nieces 😍

As is the norm here at, if you’re making your own nieces cute tees, or any other personal projects and gifts, the free download below is all you need to get started. If you’ll be paid for your efforts, or make something to otherwise promote your work or business, you can get a commercial license at EchoiaDesign on Etsy.