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Stuck on You

You guys, this file took me forever.

I see you! Yes, you! Cocking your head to the side, squinting and asking, ‘Really, Echo? This? This took you forever?

Yeah. For. Ev. Er.

I’ve been working on this for about 5 weeks on 3 different devices with 2 different $100 pen accessories and a variety of drawing pads, pens, pencils, markers etc.

And that’s why I have been creating and dwelling in inspirational and motivational pieces lately. I fall off track. I get in ruts. I get stuck so hard and have no idea which end needs to be pushed to get me moving again. The worst part, though, is when I know what I want to make and it won’t come out!

It probably doesn’t help when your project has the word ‘STUCK’ across the top of it, though, right?

The winning combination turned out to be my trusty Surface Pro and Surface Pen (scroll allll the way to the bottom for links- when you purchase awesome things that I swear by, you help pay the hosting bill here) in Illustrator.

I love being able to write out my wishes, thoughts and sentiments in vector.

I hope you guys have fun with this file. Even though I struggled making it, I still enjoyed the process.

If you’re creating for personal use, all you need is the very free freebie linked in the .ZIP download below. If you’ll be profiting or promoting your business with it, you’ll need a commercial license from EchoiaDesign on