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Stand Up Cardstock Easter Eggs

Well, finally our first post to! HOORAY!

A few weeks back we did a Painted Wood Palette Sign from Cardstock . Today we are using the egg graphics from that sign, but now they are in vector so you can ungroup and edit the colors to make these adorable stand-up Easter eggs from cardstock!


These should be pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, but JIC I’ll walk you through the whopping 3 steps. Use your printer + Silhouette to print + cut with the registration marks on, fold along the broken lines, add a little adhesive (I used my scotch double-sided tape roller) to the blank/white side of the EGG (not the little round bottoms, that’ll glue the cardstock to whatever you stand the eggs on!) and press together.


Ta da!


I’m thinking about using these for an Easter scavenger hunt for the kids. We’ll see.

The method, though, is very useful for all types of décor : )


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Distributed with permission.