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Sprinkled with Love

Hey, Silhouetter!

I’m not sure which of the super-sweet holidays is the sweetest, but Valentine’s has got to be in the running. That’s for sure.

I’m not known as the mushiest, or the most romantic, but I sure do love cute, sugary treats. I have coffee table books full of them that I turned into bedside table books for flipping through at night. I don’t make many of the recipes- if not for saving myself some time at the gym, then to spare myself the mess- but they sure are lovely to look at and always inspiring.

And as much as I try to be a design-board mogul on Pinterest, I think I’ve pinned more cakes and cookies than SVGs.

I know that no one will judge me for that, though, because in the end it’s why I end up with these sweet freebies.

If you’ve been here before, you know the drill: if it’s just for you, or non-commercial gifting, you’re all set with the free download below! If you’ll be selling, promoting or otherwise benefitting financially from the use of my design, you’ll need a commercial license by purchasing from EchoiaDesign on Etsy.