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Spooky 2020

Around our home, this file is referred to as ‘Spooky 2020’. The reason for that is because ‘Spooky‘ references the most popular file in my Etsy shop. ‘Spooky’ has sold about 200 copies. ‘Spooky’ makes my phone go, ‘Cha-CHING!’ standing in line at the grocery store. ‘Spooky’ makes my 10 year old son shout, ‘SALE!’

My emojis aren’t working right now, but if they were you would see me crying laughing ; )

That spooky is also available as a freebie here, if you’re interested.

So, as it stands, that Spooky is the reigning Spooky. But, you know, I like this one, too. This is the final release in a set of four files created to invoke a happy Halloween spirit. The other three are available at Scary, Creepy and Batty.

Be sure to collect them all- and I don’t just mean these 4 ; )

If you would like to purchase a commercial license (required for selling items using this design or promoting your business with those items), please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy. There area additional file formats available with that purchase as well.