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Snow Globe

As I write this, it’s November 8th in Salt Lake and I am still waiting for the first snow of the season.

Impatiently waiting.

I don’t know why I love the snow so much. I’m not against cold weather, but man are the icy mornings difficult to get up for!

Once the sun is out, and the day is going, I’m fine and love the winter. But getting out of bed before it’s light out, having to be the one that braves getting the hot chocolate going, making sure the school clothes dried, the lunch is packed, the papers are signed, and then being the first one in the car -_- Ouch!

But snow is pretty. I didn’t grow up with it, so it still seems rare, magical and far away for me. It’s something that you see in a very heart-warming episode of your favorite show in December just before hiatus.

Never mind that the plows come through, flip it all over and ruin it with dirty mud water. It’s magic. And you love it ; )

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