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Crossed Swords

Hey, guys! Last weekend was a holiday here so I didn’t publish a freebie, also because the last one was for that holiday and contained two files for two separate purposes.

But this week I’m back! And I’m coming out swinging! Swords that is, two of ’em ; )

I showed the swords on my latest YouTube video (embedded below).

These were certainly created with little boys in mind as my six year old son and I created them together. He wanted them for the back of a Deadpool t-shirt. In the video I tell you a little about how I put them together for the t-shirt, but you can do them however is comfortable for you!

The video should start queued up to the t-shirt I used this file on, and if it doesn’t? You can FF (what is that called in digital media of 2016?) to about 2:07.

I hope you like it!



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