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Ruff Around the Edges

These little canine loves of ours really do steal our hearts, don’t they?

I have two sweet girls, Veda Jane and Trinity, that I became mom to before becoming mom to a human boy. Each of those cuties came into my life because they needed to be there- Veda needed someone who would accept her general lack-of-enthusiasm and disinterest with open arms, and Trinity needed someone who would let her spend her whole life being a bouncy, pouncy puppy and laugh heartily as they fought off her unending kisses.

They are complete opposites in personality, and also both opposite of what people generally expect from their breeds. They have been integral in making our house a home and our home a family.

Our dogs have made unforgettable imprints on our lives, and certainly changed me as a person. I will love them forever, and always will be a little ‘ruff’ around the edges <3