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Rainbow with Clouds + Bonus Hearts Rainbow!

Hey, guys! Last post I shared with you a tutorial on how to create rainbows (and clouds!) in Silhouette Studio. Today, I’m giving away free rainbows!

That’s right. I can give you a rainbow : )

This machine might make me feel a little too powerful…

If you’ve been here before you might notice that our site is CHANGING! I am SO THRILLED!

It is so close to its official launch. I am very eager to get there, but we are in a soft launch phase right now. If you see any problems, please report them! Drop a comment on any post to complain : )

And while free stuff is great, in case you missed it and want to learn how to make them in addition to having free rainbows, check out the post with the video tutorial here: Create a Rainbow in Silhouette Studio.

Download: RainbowsWithHearts

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