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Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life

So… confessions time.

This freebie might have come to me while driving through the desert making the kids listen to the Spice Girls.

I mean, look,  I’m not proud of it- they’re not exactly my jam. But they (the kids, that is, not the Spice Girls) made me sit through a ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ movie (which, in fairness, the youngest only wanted to go to because he thought it was called ‘Diarrhea Wimpy Kid’), and in that movie a mom and dad take 3 boys across country in the family van. During the trip, the parents put on Wannabe, and since I knew we had a road trip coming up, mom, Dad and 3 boys in the back, I made a mental note to play that very song on our trip. But you know how rabbit holes work, yeah?

But all is fair in trips and war as long as a new freebie comes out of it, right?

Take this freebie, and take a little time to pumpkin spice up your life ; ) Or a friend’s.

Thanks for supporting SCF! Come back soon- we have a lot more freebies on the way <3