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Pumpkin Spice and Now I’m Nice

Hey, Silhouetters! I’m so happy it’s FALL!

I’ve probably told you this before, but years back I hated everything PUMPKIN! Yuck! I’d lived in warmer climates my whole life, and when I moved to Utah the fact that it had four proper seasons was completely foreign to me. After a year or so of constantly being offered pumpkin this and pumpkin that I decided to give it another chance. I got started with pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, if I recall correctly, and I was HOOKED!

Some things I still can’t get on board with (Pumpkin Pie?! Ew!), but pumpkin muffins, breads and other sweets I’m usually down to try!

I want to put this design on a wood sign. Hopefully I can find the time to accomplish this, it would be my first (intimidating!), but it’d be so cute -_-

I hope you guys love it! Have fun with whatever you use it for, and be sure to keep coming- we have so many freebies on the way <3