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Painted Wood Palette Signs from Cardstock

Like so many other posts around here, this one starts off with, ‘So I was walking around Target and… .”

I can’t help it. I love design, I love shopping, I don’t think I bought anything I shouldn’t have considering it’s Frugal February (welllll, I did buy a mug I’ve wanted for a while? I might get more into that on Saturday, when SYSS posts should resume).

I saw the usual collection of wood palette signs when it dawned on me that this would be a great frugal February project. Everyone and their sister with a Cameo has to make a painted wood sign with a monogram and Disney ears.

Ok, I might have combined a few trends there, but still.  I wanted to make a wood sign, but I knew I shouldn’t buy one ready made or the supplies to put one together.  And then I had a flash of inspiration for how I could make one with stuff I already had on hand.

With a method I created and wrote a tutorial for (Create a Wood Grain Floor in Illustrator) I thought I could put something together.


Oh, yeah.

I’ve made this super easy for you guys. Or, as super easy as I could! You will need two files, one for the front ‘painted’ pieces of ‘wood’ and one for the pieces you mount to. Whatever those are called.

Look, I’m a graphic designer, ok? Not a lumber Jill!

In the painted wood file there are three .png files for you to drag onto the board. Put each one in the board, print, move it off the mat and replace it with another until you have all 3 printed. Make sure your registration marks are enabled etc. Load it up on your mat and send it through the cutting process. It will create perforation where you need to fold, and honestly, it’s pretty easy!

Just fold on all perforated lines, then flatten it out and fold it around as you see in the left photo below. Add some sort of adhesive to that one tab that is different and fold the part that is still unfolded in the image over it. Then pop it up to make a box .

The back mounting pieces are put together the same way as the ‘painted’ pieces, they just have slightly different dimensions.


Once you have the backs glued shut (I used my new Scotch adhesive roller), you can leave the ends open. Add some adhesive where you want the backs to mount to the other pieces, and put them together by sticking your fingers inside the painted wood pieces and running them over the area where the glue is once they’re on those mounting pieces.  At first I had folded all of my boxes shut, so I had to open them up to assemble the final product.

It doesn’t make much difference, you won’t ruin your project by folding the ends closed first, you’ll just likely have to open them up as otherwise it’s difficult to get enough pressure on your glue to make the pieces stick together.


In the left photo above you can see all 5 pieces once printed, cut and assembled, but not yet put together as one piece. I ended up unfolding the boxes in the middle (faux-painted ones) so that I could glue them to the ones on the outside, as I mentioned above. Again, it didn’t mess up my project. This was the very first time I’d done this, and since I haven’t seen or heard of anyone else doing it I had no instructions to go on. I’m sorry this isn’t the best explained thing in the world. I will probably be investing in a new light soon so that I can record videos as I assemble things, thus eliminating the need for much of this explaining I try to do!

I then simply taped some ribbon that I bought for 15 cents at Walmart (why I’m doing the whole Frugal February thing, these aren’t bad purchases I make, I just need to slow my roll and also take time out to use them) to the back of the top painted plank, and hung it on a command hook.


I think my favorite part of sharing this file set is that you guys can use it to do any design you want. Isn’t that awesome? Just drag my .png files off of the design and add whatever you like to it.

These are being distributed for personal use only, but if you need a commercial license for my designs please get in touch and I will accommodate you!


These files are provided for personal use only and are not to be redistributed without express permission from Echo S., &

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Facebook or Twitter.

If you find any problems with the files, please get in touch! I maintain these freebies the best I can, all of your feedback helps keep freebies coming : )