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Merry Christmas

It’s finally HEEEERRRREE!! Well sort of! Kind of! Almost!

Around this time last year my family of 8 (5 humans, 3 quadrupeds at the time) was living in a hotel. The roof of our home had been damaged in a storm, and we ended up having to empty a couple of rooms and leave for weeks while repairs were made. We put up a small 4ft tree, a few decorations and made the most of it.

It wasn’t bad to be honest- I had to take my two big dogs with me everywhere I went for 14 straight days, which was kind of difficult, but we were safe, warm and together. There was a hot tub, free breakfast every dang day, and always fresh coffee, lots of tea, fruit-infused water, Nutella packets that I may or may not have found in a cupboard I wasn’t supposed to open *whistling nonchalantly*…

While I always tend to make the most of our circumstances, I do think that it put a little hitch in my get-along. I haven’t really done much decorating for anything since then. I even forgot to put up my brand new Halloween décor this year *eyeroll*.

But Christmas is SO FUN to decorate and design for! So being in our home again this year, I started putting out my winter décor November 1st, and I have been designing since August.

And since one of my favorite parts of this season is the giving, I have yet another new cut file for my fellow Freebies!

I hope you guys like it. ‘merry’ is in my own hand writing, which I’m always so excited to be able to incorporate, and I am truly pleased with this design and its versatility.

If you are in need of a commercial license, this design is available for purchase at EchoiaDesign on Etsy.

If it’s just for personal use, then the download below is all you’ll need to enjoy it <3