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Love Is Purrfect

Last week I shared with you guys Ruff Around the Edges, inspired by my dog mom heart.

But I’m also a cat mom. I never thought I would be a cat mom. Even once I had cats! At first the constant cuddling from the kitties kind of wore on me, but eventually it grows on you.

We lost one of our sweet cats a few years back, but I still miss her and love her, and I have grown closer with our other cat since we lost her. It seemed he’d been letting her have attention all along, but actually did want it as well, and only started accepting it more readily when she was gone.

I have learned to look forward to the nightly kitty cuddles, the purring, and even the painful-but-somehow-still-cute scratching.

Sometimes I wish I could communicate to him to be a little gentler, but in the end, their love is simply purrfection <3