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Love is in Bloom

It’s all around you, Silhouetter.

Snow 😂

But love, also.

I’m currently having a hard time with how cold it is. I’m fully aware that many places around the country and world get SO MUCH COLDER than Salt Lake, but once we get down into the teens and single digits, and occasionally below zero, it becomes painful for me to get around 😬 So while I’m not exactly looking forward to triple digits in the summer, I am happily looking toward somewhat warmer (anything above freezing is good!) temps in the near future.

Thus, thoughts of Spring, flowers, blossoms and blooms. With a little Valentine’s love thrown in!

Also, I installed Native Emoji through the WordPress dashboard. In case you didn’t notice 😉 And with that, Echo leaps into the 1990’s!

I’ve barely mentioned the new download 😑

Another cute cuttable is at your service! Totally hand-lettered and drawn by yours truly. I wrote most of it out on iPad (you can find a link to the one I’m using at the very bottom of the page, past the post, past the comments, keep going and going- it’s not the super-expensive pro!) with my Apple Pencil, then drew the petal and created a pattern brush in Illustrator on my desktop computer.

As (almost) always, if you are creating personal projects for yourself and your loved ones, all you need is the Silhouette Studio file in the (totally free!) download below. If you will be making things for profit, or to promote your business, or if you need a different format, you will need to visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy to purchase those 💞

Until next time, friends!