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Life is full of Whisks

Life is full of WHISKS!

And risks!

This is my first ever creation I designed on an iPad*. I don’t actually ‘own’ an iPad*. My 9 year old son, however, was gifted the newest non-pro version of the iPad* for his birthday last year and for Christmas I was gifted an Apple Pencil*.

This makes more sense than it might seem. I generally end up waiting almost half an hour at his school to pick him up since I have another pick up that makes the drive home not very practical- 15 minutes home, 15 minutes back, I can basically drive home and check the mail, then get into the dreaded pick-up line.  So I never come home between. Instead I sit in the car and squeeze in some creative time.

I’ve been packing up his iPad* in my tablet bag*, so I bring along my Surface Pro*, Surface Pen*, his iPad* and a host of accessories for both. Once I pick him up, though, I have no more need for having my Surface* with me, so it gets packed up and he pulls out his iPad*. Now with the Apple Pencil*, I can draw on his iPad*, then when he is out of school I can just pass it over and he can play on it while I go back to driving!

The iPad* and  Apple Pencil* are a more affordable option for creating on the go. I feel less worried and anxious carrying the two of them around than I do Circuit Breaker (that’s my Surface’s name).

I hope ya’ll like this design. It’s really exciting to be creating in yet another new way.

If you’ll be using this file just for your own personal creations, all you need is the free Studio file in the .ZIP below. If you’ll be using it for anything you profit from, you’ll need to purchase a commercial license from EchoiaDesign on Etsy.