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Lick the Spoon

Hey, guys!

I’m here with another new cut file! This one started out with me working in Procreate on iPad* with my Apple Pencil*. I have been so excited to have another tool to create in. I think my lettering definitely looks different in Procreate than it does in Illustrator, but I’m liking the outcome from each. There’s something about newness and change that is so inspiring and motivating for me.

Last year I spent so much time learning to use Illustrator and my Surface Pro + Surface Pen to create hand-lettered designs. There isn’t as much user-end support for this as there is for Procreate and iPad. Aside from that, though, I think also the sheer amount of time I spent working to improve has translated quite quickly to iPad*.

I appreciate everyone who stuck around and supported me and this project through those growing pains. I’m happy that 2019 has gotten underway with many new freebies launching. I knew what I wanted to do in January 2018, but I became so lost in learning that a lot of other things suffered.

I hope to get back to paper crafting again soon, I do so enjoy creating unique new projects from heavy cardstock.

As for this design, it speaks for itself. Go for it. Do it. Also, bake yummy things.

But if there’s egg in your batter, please don’t lick the spoon! All it took was getting salmonella one time to create a hard line for me on that one! And I wasn’t even licking a cake-battery spoon or sneaking cookie dough -_- I just had some eggs I forgot to pasteurize for a sauce. Fortunately only I was eating it. Unfortunately it didn’t even come out well : (

If you’re creating for yourself, or to give gifts to your friends and family, all you need is the free cut file in the download below. If you’ll be making money off of what you do with this design, please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy to purchase a commercial-use license.

Thanks, ya’ll. Happy crafting!