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Let Me Autumn

It’s the first day of Fall. Guys. I didn’t even plan for this.

As a planner and designer, I’m programmed to think ahead. Some people don’t like this and they complain, oh, it isn’t even the end of Summer yet! Don’t tell me about Christmas and Pumpkins!

But I can’t help it. I am looking forward almost all of the time- it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy where I am and what is around me. I look forward to next summer each summer. It’s kind of silly, but it’s important to me to be prepared. It’s also important for this project that I plan and think ahead in this way. This can be kind of lonely. When you have a Christmas set completed in July? Well, most of your friends and family don’t exactly want to flip through it with you.

But this feeling can be inspirational. We’re actually in Fall already. Meteorological Fall, that is. It’s September 4th (Labor Day) as I upload and type this- but as I opened my planner to see where this Let Me Autumn file would go it fell into the third full week of September, the first empty spot being the Friday which just happened to be the first day of Autumn!

So I penciled it in and set it to publish, and with all of that being said, world, it’s now official, so please, let me be and Let Me Autumn!