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Layered Spider Web Cut File

LayeredSpiderWeb.zipFollowing in the steps of the Layered Pumpkin and the Layered Umbrella and Layered Candy Corn cut files, this week I’m releasing a layered spider web!


It probably isn’t hard to tell, but I’m enjoying this type of cut a lot. It’s fun to imagine different things and determine how well they lend themselves to this style, and figure out how to cut them when I decide they do. I may release a couple more fall/Halloween-themed cuts like this in the coming weeks, and I’m already working on Christmas cuts.


Forgive my dusty glass. I’m sure yours will be much cleaner. I get a little busy sometimes with brainstorming, designing, test cutting etc. etc… sometimes the spot cleaning gets a little backed up ; ) But that’s okay. It works out for you guys, because in less time than it takes you to wash out a coffee mug you can have this thing ready to go!



This file is provided for personal use only and is not to be redistributed without express  permission from Echo S., &

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via FaceBook or Twitter.

Happy Halloween!! && Happy Silhouettey Sunday!