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Jingle all the Way

This is it, Silhouetters.

This is my last Christmas design of the year.

Inside, I’m a tears-streaming-down-my-cheeks-crying emoji.

I don’t want it to be over. I love the winter, I love Christmas, I love twinkly lights, I love cookies and wrapping paper and all the things that will have to go away again soon.

It isn’t fair!! Let’s back up a bit! Please, can we just do another week over again?!

I guess I’ve just never gotten on board with New Year’s as a holiday. I don’t drink or attend parties, so it just comes and goes for me. And while I can appreciate the imagery, Valentine’s has also never been special to me. I wrote it off altogether in my early 20s (and I’m sticking to that now in my late 20s ; )), so it’s an excuse for crafting and creating, but it doesn’t get me in the feels.

Christmas is the last Hurrah of the year for me. It comes, goes and then it’s so far away again. It’s hard on a girl, you know?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed designing for Christmas this year. I hope that everyone has a beautiful, safe holiday and has enjoyed my freebies even a fraction as much as I’ve loved making them.

As usual, if you’re making up fun things for yourself, friends, family- all you need is the free download below! If you’ll be crafting for cash, however, you’ll need to purchase a license from EchoiaDesign on Etsy.

Merry Christmas, Crafty Family <3 Thank you for spending another year creating with me.

Also, Happy Birthday, Oliver. I love you so much.