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I’m One Sailboat

In 2018, my little sister was expecting her first sweet baby. Her little girl was due to come in the middle of January 2019, but I had made plans (that ended up failing unfortunately) to be with her on December 26th for one week. When I told her the plan, she sounded slightly uncomfortable to inform me that baby wouldn’t be due for another few weeks still. We live 1,500 miles apart, so it’s not a small trip to make.

I told her I knew that, but I would enjoy seeing her and everyone else and being around to see the tail end of her pregnancy… and that you never know. Babies make their own plans.

On December 26th, she texted me that she was in labor. Her baby arrived the next day <3 It would be several months before my son and I could meet our little niece/cousin. The wait was hard, but the visit amazing.

Last year, this past month, I got to design, cut and press baby’s custom birthday shirt. I didn’t get to see her on that birthday, either, but this time I did see her on December 26th after spending her first Christmas with her <3

This is an alternate version of the final design we decided on for her shirt (and that version will be available here soon!), so today’s freebie comes to you courtesy of the one we affectionately call Baby Ruth. It was adorable on a tiny t-shirt, but would also look great printed and framed or cut out for a stand-up prop for birthday photos and parties.

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