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I Love Christmas Carbs – Easy Version

Hey, y’all!

If you showed up last week for ‘I Love Christmas Carbs’ this weeks is part deux.

I asked on Facebook a little while back which version was preferred- the results were kind of split, so I figured we’d publish both!

For this installment I’ve done the work of adjusting the gingerbread man a little so that he’s ready to be cut from one color. Whether you’re a new Silhouetter, or just prefer the solid color design, this download is just for you <3 (and, of course, anyone else who wants it!).


If you’re a home crafter, making for yourself and friends/family- not for pay-, all you need is the free Silhouette Studio download to get rolling with this design! If, however, you’ll be making money from you work (including being paid ‘for your time’, promoting your business etc) please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy for a commercial license of this creation, plus additional file formats.