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I Believe in Fairies

Hey, Silhouette friends!

I have loved being lost in Illustrator lately. Once again all of my down time is spent curled up with my Surface Pro*, surface pen and dreaming up designs.

As a teen, I was thoroughly enamored with Cicely Barker’s lovely collection of fairy illustrations. I frequently incorporated them into my own designs (though I didn’t sell anything with them), and looked to them for inspiration regularly.

While I don’t think her style impacted mine very much, it inspired me to create more, more and more.

As an adult, I remember coming across a hard copy of her work for the first time (not looking for anything in particular) and being unwilling to leave the store without it.

I hope you don’t leave without today’s design, either. Especially because it’s free.

Inspired by youth and whimsy, I have for you “I Believe in Fairies”.

This cute cuttable is also available in my shop, EchoiaDesign on Etsy, if you need other file formats or for commercial/business/professional use. Anything you make money from falls into that category, even if you’re just ‘charging for your time’.