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Hello Summer Design Tutorial

Hey, guys!

If you read how things were going back in February, you know I was getting clobbered- my car fell apart, my son got very sick, I got sick, money was stolen- then it all started over again! We replaced our car, but that one had a bit of an accident (I was not driving!), then my son got sicker than he’d been earlier in the month, I got sicker than I’d been since maybe 2011, and we were trying to get out of February without more money getting stolen!

During the second round of sicknesses I knew I just needed to take a breath and focus on what was in front of me. I missed SCF but I knew I couldn’t really put out my best work and also take care of us the way I needed to. So I let my publication schedule take a break.

It was what we needed. And it seems to have worked out well. March has been a dramatic improvement over February!

Now that life seems a little bit more ‘normal’, I’m back with a new tutorial- which I think I’ll share a freebie of later in the week as well.

I don’t do most of my creating in Silhouette Studio, so this was a fun change for me. I’ve also recorded another tutorial to publish next Sunday and have ideas for a few more to come soon.

I hope everyone is doing well, and I wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day <3