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Hello Snow

The mountains around me got their first snow of the ‘season’ quite a while back- sometime in September. The valley has been clear so far, but you never know just when that first bit of fluffy stuff will show up.

I actually created this file during the last snowy season here- but for some reason I decided it wasn’t good enough to share with you all! I don’t know why. I really like it. I feel proud of it. I’d wear it on a shirt if I wasn’t so afraid of commitment (my shirts don’t have designs, okay? I’m a plain t’s kind of girl).

But since I kept approving of it each and every time I looked at it, I finally decided to publish it.

I hope you guys like it. I do enjoy the snow, and the sentiment behind this is sincere, even if the cold temperatures do cause me a good deal of physical pain 😩 If one day I am granted my dream of returning to my home, off the South Coast, where it pretty much never snows, I’ll still visit snow on occasion. It is definitely something that people should see and experience in their lives, just like seeing the ocean.

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