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Hello, Snow Mug

I can’t tell you how many times I typed ‘Hellow, Snow’ while working on publishing this, saving it etc. If you come across a ‘Hellow, Snow’ try not to judge me too harshly, it’s just a thing that happens <3

I’m typing this on December 4th, in down town Salt Lake City, Utah. I am staying in a hotel suite, and today we had our first real snow of the season! I’m so excited and completely shocked. The latest snow I recall since moving here was November 3rd. Usually we get ‘something’ in October- but this year, nothing more than little flurries that melt before they hit the ground.

I’m so happy to finally get some snow <3 And yes, it’s weird to stay in a hotel in the town you live in- we’re getting work done on our home. I’m not mad. I actually LOVE hotels, even if it’s just two miles from home ; )

I hope you guys love this file!

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