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Hello Little One

Does this sweet cuttable make you awwwwww?

One of my most-requested designs are files for new babies.

Last week I brought you Too Darn Cute, which I hope also fit that bill, and today ‘Hello Little One’.

I think this would look adorable on a tiny onesie, make a lovely card or be just perfect printed and framed for a nursery wall.

However you put it to use, I hope you get the most of snuggling and loving that new little one in your life. And if they’re not yours directly, be sure to help out mama by putting away some laundry, running a vacuum or loading up the dishes. Taking away some of the to-do burdens on a new mom’s list are some of the best gifts you can give. As much as you want your turn with the new squish, she sure could enjoy her turns more without so much weighing on her mind <3

Thanks so much for coming by!

The file below is free for personal use. If you’ll be using the design in any commercial way (including ‘charging for your time’), you’ll need to purchase a license at EchoiaDesign on Etsy.