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Hello Honey Calligraphy Freebie

It is finally warming up here. The grass is growing, the strawberries are everywhere, and then there’s the bees.

As much as I may be allergic, I know they’re good for so many things. Like those strawberries I’m so looking forward to. And the sunflowers I adore. And the honey my son loves on waffles with peanut butter and banana.

So I have a new file for you guys.

And also, this is a little bit for my girl, Veda Jane. Even if bumblebees don’t really do the honey thing.

I don’t know why, but from the time she was a rebellious little pup I always had to fight the urge to dress her up as a bumblebee. I never did, because I knew how much she’d detest being shoved into a dog Halloween costume, but I always imagined how absolutely adorable she’d be as a bumblebee!

Veda Jane died March 18th, and I’ve been pretty sad without her. She was undergoing chemotherapies to fight cancer when I noticed her start to decline back in January. She was just the best, and I could literally talk about her for hours without missing a beat, but I’ll save the stories for more appropriate venues.

I missed designing for this project, but I don’t regret putting it on the back burner while I kept my best friend company through her final months.

Now I’ll work toward getting SCF back to a regular publishing schedule, and return my focus here.

I’ve been working with a new Microsoft Surface Pro* this year and the new Surface Pen*. I do almost all of my work in Adobe Illustrator, so I am loving being able to run full applications/programs on the Windows 10 Professional platform. The combo allows me to bring brand new, custom-lettered designs to life. This is the personal extra touch that I’ve been dying to add to my design work. I hope you guys like it <3

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