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Hello Harvest

Fall is here, and for me it is the most inspiring time of the year.

I’m not sure what it is about looking toward the last 4 months of a 12 month calendar that makes me feel so positive- all of it, I guess! I think every one of my siblings (and me)  (also my mother) celebrate our birthdays from the end of August to December (including my previously long-lost brothers). My sister (my only sister!) and my son (my only child!) all celebrate in October. Pair that with holidays I love (Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorites!) and you have a very expensive but exciting span of time.

The cool(er, cooler – still in the 90s here in Salt Lake!) days make me sentimental and reflective. Also ready to gather and take in all that’s still to come.

I’m still enjoying learning digital calligraphy, and with that I bring you Hello Harvest.

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