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Heart Inset Valentine Boxes

Hello, creator friends! If you’re a frequent flyer you may know that I say hi to you, give you a little insight as to my creative process, tell you about the inspiration behind my designs, and then we get on to downloading things. On occasion, however, I share a little more with you all about me, my family, and the behind-the-scenes struggles of trying to keep up with an all freebies all the time blog.

And right now, I’m a little behind

I wish that wasn’t the case. I’m happier when I’m ahead of the game. When I’m on task. When things go according to plan.

Even with the expected off-of-schedule parts of Winter break, January was perfectly scheduled.

Until the 31st. My car had to be wished a sad farewell. But… I still have 3 kids to transport, so we were in a bind. We were working on it.

Then Monday rolled around and when they got out of school I could see one of them was coming down with something. It turned out to be the hard flu. The sleep-all-day-and-wake-up-just-to-puke flu. The miss-four-straight-days-of-school because mom-isn’t-sending-you-out-like-this flu.

Ugh. I felt so bad for that boy 💕

Getting him back to school after almost a week we finally had a normal moment. Except that I got sick -_- I took a lot of medicine and kept going, and I was and will be fine. I didn’t get sick like my son did. Not at all.

By Tuesday I was out doing errands in heavy, fast, wet snow. Wednesday morning our district had its first snow day in a LONG time (almost 20 years I was told- I didn’t live here that long ago! I lived 1500 miles away!). This was the perfect, humorous finale to a crazy two weeks. I am in a newer car and things are hopefully going to get back to ‘normal’ for a bit.

Now it’s Sunday night, and I haven’t put up our usual Sunday freebie. “Instead”, I took my boy who is better to The Lego Movie 2 and I may or may not have fallen asleep in the middle.

But before I did that, I crafted!

Yes, I made some Valentines this afternoon, and I’m really happy to have finally gotten started ❤ It has certainly been weighing on me that I have to do something for his class’ party.

These aren’t finished, but the cut file for them is ready to go! Before I pass these over to my son to be handed out to his class, I’ll cut each child’s name from an adhesive material (probably going to be vinyl, but I may have a couple of other options) and a ‘From Angel’ to go on them. I may also add some smaller hearts with an adhesive material. We’ll see if I ever get my energy back!

To make them, you’ll need cardstock (I just used a plain old 65lb pad), Scotch Adhesive Dot Roller* (or your preferred paper bonding agent, I swear by these as they are dry, instant and mess free!) and either Window Sheets* or Clear Favor Bags*. The favor bags are probably more accessible in a pinch, findable at Michaels and other party stores. For those you could either cut them down to fit the inside of the box and attach a layer to seal up the heart opening, or you could put the candy inside the bag and slide it into the box (what I did with our Valentines last year, a different cut file that I did not get around to sharing due to the hard personal time I was going through).

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s week and day.

I’m off to create more cut files <3 Bye!