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Happy Holidays

At this point, if you have a computer or other device with internet access and use any form of social media, it can’t have escaped your notice that people are sensitive. And while that’s ok- I’m very sensitive! – sometimes we, collectively and individually, forget to actually consider the other options before reacting with negativity to something.

If you’ve worked in customer service, you’re no doubt familiar with the battle of ‘Merry Christmas’. Some people are offended by it, some people are offended by its absence, and still some people are MORE upset if you wish them a ‘happy holidays’. I considered it long and hard before saying it- and I’ve decided that I am definitely a HUGE FAN of ‘happy holidays’. Not because it’s PC- I don’t care about that. Instead, I like it because it encompasses my own personal favorite holiday- Thanksgiving! Even though I love Thanksgiving, as controversial as it is in itself these days, I still find ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to be awkward and clunky. But now, Happy Holidays has me covered.

On a different note- guys, I hadn’t updated my Silhouette Studio install in forever. I mean, I had no idea how different the program had gotten. I am so unfamiliar with where ANYthing is now. I’ve got a whole list of new files to upload before the new year, and then still new ones once 2019 rolls around, and I can’t even find where to adjust my cut mat -_-  So many growing pains.

And speaking of growing pains- yes, our site looks a little wonky. I’m updating it in bits and pieces when I can, and I have a new site on the way soon for more freebies, this one will be inclusive of our Cricut brethren… . So stay tuned <3

If you’re using this design for personal reasons, all you need is the free download below. If you would like to sell anything you make with it, or need it in another format, you can purchase it at EchoiaDesign on Etsy.