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Happy Birthday Pickup Truck is two!


I’ve been updating and changing SCF for a couple of months now- not a complete overhaul, because I like the way it looks and functions in general. But a facelift was definitely needed.

For starters, I added ‘related posts’ at the end of each post to hopefully help you find more crafts and designs you’ll like more quickly. The default appearance was definitely a problem, though, so I worked on styling them to be more appealing on desktop and mobile and to be more user-friendly considering their nature. Images first, and multiple per row so we can get right down to the heart of the matter.

Once that was done I wanted to update the front page and the category results pages. They were the model for the related posts changes, but just needed a bit of tweaking.

We’ve been trying new ad-experience set ups, but they’ve all been quite offensive to me as a user. I’ve gone back to what was working best for me, and I’ve actually pared down the number of ads across the site.

Speaking of ads, the biggest change has been the footer of the site. Now I have a permanent spot for my top Amazon recommendations. These are products that I LOVE for creating with my Silhouette. If you shop through those links, I will get paid. I only promote what I believe in, though- you will note that the iPad is not the newest, latest, greatest, most expensive version. It’s what I use. And it’s awesome ; )

I have updated the Surface Pro version because if I was buying now, that’s what I would buy. I’ve had mine over a year, though, and I love it. I cannot recommend anything older than the Surface Pro 5 (2017 model) and 2017 Surface Pen in that regard. The older tech was definitely different than what I’m using.

All of that aside, technically SCF was 2 last month (January). I created this file last month, but I had a full month already so it just had to wait a minute.

I hope you don’t mind, and I hope it makes an adorable touch when added to your next birthday wishes <3

Thank you for supporting this project for two whole years, y’all! I can’t believe how far we’ve come <3