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Gingerbread House

The first time I remember decorating gingerbread was as an adult. And a mom.

It became a favorite tradition for me. I don’t know that the kids were as into it as I wanted them to be. My expectations in a digital age may have been too high.

But I’m still enamored with the artistic side of baked goods. Since they’re no friend to the waistline, a few years back I started taking that passion more to my design efforts. The kids are happy enough- they still get Christmas treats without the ‘work’, and I dive into gumdrops and sprinkles in the virtual world.

It’s a big win for my crafty friends as well, since so much of what I design ends up converted to .studio3 files for Silhouette ; )

If you need a commercial license (required to sell anything featuring my artwork!), you can grab one for this design at EchoiaDesign on Etsy. In that purchase you’ll also receive the colorful, layered SVG pictured below this free download.