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Ghoul Next Door

Oh, this is a favorite, y’all!

I’m sorry- does it seem conceited to say something you’ve made is one of your favorite things you’ve made? I don’t mean it to be at all. For many years I struggled to feel good about my work, but these days I feel pretty confident in it overall.

Favorite status, however, is often achieved when I like something I designed enough to lug out all of my equipment and make something out of it -_- That test has certainly been passed with this one!

That said, I present for your cutting projects, Ghoul Next Door!

You may have noticed I like word play and cute sayings.

Having used this personally, I can confidently say that it was a lot easier to weed than I’d expected. I’m always intimidated by spider web designs, but this cut very cleanly in HTV and weeded like a dream on a toddler-sized tee. I didn’t even have trouble with the smaller web on the headstone!

For commercial licensing, or if you like this design and want it in a different file format, please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy! There you’ll find SVG, PNG and DXF formats available for purchase.