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Get Gorgeous Gear

At the time I’m writing this I have published freebies for 5 weeks in a row and I have 9 new freebies scheduled for release.

This one is filed under ‘Fun’ in my hard drive catalog. I used it on a pink canvas drawstring bag from the Bullseye’s Playground section at Target. I used Glitter HTV for the first time on the bag, and I am absolutely in love with it! I can’t wait to glitter more things <3

Altogether I used 6 different HTV colors, also including metallic gold (I already knew that as I’ve used it in the past). That was the most layers I’ve done in HTV, and I learned an important lesson: glitter probably should go last -_- hah! Even so, my design layering skills weren’t perfection, but for the first time doing more than a few colors, I’m very happy with my results!

I hope you guys have SO MUCH FUN with this freebie! Thanks for visiting : )