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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Silhouette Cameo!?
A Silhouette Cameo* is an electronic cutting machine used for all kinds of wonderful DIY projects, arts and crafts, home decor, personalization, customized apparel (t-shirts, hats, shoes, baby clothes!), greeting cards- the possibilities are truly unlimited. Silhouette machines cut specified materials (including fabric*!)

Where is the best place to buy…
I truly wish there was a one-size-fits-all approach to shopping! I get asked a lot where the best place to buy vinyl and other common supplies for the Silhouette machines is, but I cannot really answer that! For many items (like Silhouette Clear Sticker Paper* and Fabric Transfers* – seriously, SO MUCH you can do with this machine!) I like to shop For vinyl I usually shop at

How do you make your tutorials?
I use Microsoft Expression Encoder‘s screen recorder for the in-computer parts and I use the Sony Alpha 5000* to record my talking-head portions as well as any assembly portions of the tutorials. There are newer versions of the Sony Alpha but I like the 5000 (and the 5100*) because the screen flips up instead of out, making you look a lot less ‘weird’ when you look at yourself in the screen. It is also a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that can grow with you as you learn about photos and videos and has a tilting flash, so you can bounce the flash off of the ceiling, giving photos a softer light. I have a big, bulky, video-recording DSLR but I was thrilled to get this for making my videos instead. I love it!

What printer do you use?
The only printer I’ve personally used with my Silhouette is the Epson Workforce WF-7620*. It is a wide format printer that allows me to print on 12×12 cardstock, 13×17 watercolor paper and more. You can print up to 13×19, print double-sided, print on heavy paper- it’s a beast!