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Easter Bunny Banner

You guuuyyyyssss!!!

My house is full of bunnies.


I mean, FULL of BUNNIES.

Fortunately, they are all decorative. That means they’re not real- no worries, I wouldn’t use REAL animals as decoration!

My Silhouette has been working overtime lately, and that means décor is going up. Cute, pastel, so-glad-it’s-spring décor. And that translates to freebies. It’s ok to get excited ;  )

This freebie is a super-easy print-and-cut. Make sure your registration marks are turned on, print, run through Silhouette, assemble and try not to burn yourself with the hot glue gun. Do as I say, not as I do, right?


I used Recollections Jute Rope to string up my flags, and for the ones that don’t have bunnies I just didn’t cut bunnies! I wanted a little variation. You can add a lot of variation- add a message to it and use the bunnies as bookends, or word-separators etc. I wasn’t putting mine in a large space, so I didn’t need a lot of flags, but it sure is cute!

You can ungroup the shapes for the flag and the medallion to change their fill colors, or you can just cut the shapes out of colored or patterned paper you already have.

I cut mine from heavy coverstock, so it is set to those specifications in the file- be sure to adjust to what you are cutting from!

And yes, that is a freebie from my Valentine’s Day collection behind it – it’s just too pretty to give up! You can get that cut file on this post.

Silhouette Cameo Freebies - Easter Bunny Banner

A closer look at my bunny from Marshall’s- $2! Holding one of the adorable ceramic containers from Target this Spring.

Easter Bunny Banner - Silhouette Cameo Freebies

If you would like the fully illustrated version of my little bunny, he is available in my Etsy shop as a .svg and .png: Easter Bunny SVG

Definitely get in touch if you need any help! I’m here to troubleshoot.


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