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Cute Ghost with Boo Banner

How cute is this little guy?! Omg.

I’m lucky enough to ‘work’ from bed most days, but my son and I were both having a bed-ridden sick day, perched on piles of pillows and watching YouTube when I grabbed Circuit Breaker (that’s what I call my Surface Pro*, it’s a long story) and sketched up this little guy in Adobe Illustrator with my Surface Pen*.

Aside from taking care of all 3 kids (so much driving!), cooking, cleaning, caring for the dog and running errands, this is pretty much all I accomplished that day.

I was pretty sick!

I was cheered up by the crooked smile and the wonky eyes staring back at me, though. I kind of felt like despite how we felt that day, maybe we still spread some happiness into the world. That’s not a bad day at all.

I hope you guys like my ghost as much as I do and find a good project suited to him <3

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