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Christmas Tree Slide Togethers

Ok, ok, ok, hear me out, guys.

I know it’s not Christmas yet. I even know Thanksgiving is on its way- Thanksgiving is great! I loved it more than Christmas as a kid because there was no pressure or stress to validate people in their gifting choices, instead everyone was together to eat, play games and relax. I loved it.

And though these are called ‘Christmas Tree Slide Togethers’, I use small, basic trees all around my house to decorate for Thanksgiving <3 I love these because they’re made of cardstock, they’re easy-peasy and they look so stinkin’ cute.

And yes, they’re up in my work space alongside several new Christmas-oriented cut files <3 But I have to be ready way in advance in order to bring you seasonally-appropriate files.

To make mine I cut each tree twice to layer up/thicken the 65lb cardstock I used so that they would stand up a bit better.


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