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Birthday Girl and Cupcake Cuttable

It’s my birthday!

I love birthdays, though my own is one of my least favorites. Not because of aging (I don’t let that be a thing for me!), but because the attention is all on me, and I like to give it out rather than rake it in ; )  That makes CAKE one of my favorite parts of my birthdays- because I can share it with everyone!

Since I can’t serve you all up a slice of cake, I’ll share a new free cut file complete with a so-sweet cupcake.

I’d also like to wish my baby sister a beautiful birthday, since it’s her day, too <3 Love you, Ree!

If you’d like to sell anything with this design on it, please purchase a license at Echoia Design on Etsy. You can find this file directly at Birthday Girl Cupcake Cut File.