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This one is inspired by my son.

He’s often the inspiration behind my freebies- him, our traditions, our experiences. But this one is straight from his favorite song.

At least, one of his favorite songs. He has a lot of favorite songs for a 9 year old! But he sings this one with so much passion- Believer, by Imagine Dragons. I love the lilt of his voice as he sings the chorus, and the effort he puts in to keeping up with Dan Reynolds in the verses.

One particular line:

You’re the face of the future, the blood in my veins, oh ooh
The blood in my veins, oh ooh

is particularly expressive of how I feel of my boy. He’s the reason my heart keeps beating.

The best part? He knows it.

Dream your dreams and believe in them, creator friends. We really do have to believe it to life <3

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