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Be Merry

I wish that spreading joy was easier. I wish that there was not so much cause for grief, pain and outright anguish in our world.

I wish my little doodles could do so much more to change it!

I have always had big ideas, and maybe one day soon things will go in the direction I desire. I want to bring more light into more dark places <3

Today I bring you ‘Be Merry’. I have quite woefully been creating my fall and winter collections in grief this year.  I cannot exactly claim that I am appreciative of the grief, that would certainly be a lie, but I do think the weight of it has begun to free me of some other worries in life.

Be merry, makers. Share your beautiful creations freely and breed smiles everywhere you go. 💕 Together, maybe we CAN be the merry change in the world!

The free personal use Silhouette Studio file is available below. For commercial licensing, or additional file formats, please visit EchoiaDesign on Etsy.